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Embrace the Unknown This Year

Are you feeling stuck in routine? Bored from the reality that you’re living in? Want to change the direction? Are you seeking for an inspiration, for a fresh air to breathe in or a new beginning? There is an escape plan, there is a solution for all of that. You can change your life, only if you have the courage to embrace the unknown and to make the first step to your new life! Are you ready to do it?

Cre8 Coworking Hub will host an inspirational networking event on 31st of January with several Bulgarians who lived Unsettled, travelled to unknown and opened a new page in their lives. Join us for a casual meet up, where we will hear stories about beautiful Bali, stunning Buenos Ares and mystical Colombia.

Want to know more about it?

Have you heard about the Unsettled experience? This is a company which runs coworking & coliving retreats in over 12 countries for those who want to break out of their routine and get inspired. The seed for Unsettled was planted on a sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands in June 2014 by Johnatan Kalan and Michael Youngblood. What happened from that moment on you will have the chance to hear on the event.

In the past 2 years several Bulgarians who were looking for an adventures, recharge and reset have become part of the Unsettled community. Their journeys gave them an out of the box perspective, a productive, growth-focused experience and insights. This guys had the courage to take the leap to the unknown, leave their comfort zones, live and work for 30 days in a paradise.

Unsettled provides you with everything you need to be connected, comfortable and collaborative for one month, one or two weeks: private accommodations, shared workspaces, cultural events and local experiences. All of that within an immersive community experience led by a team of local experts and international facilitators.

What to expect at our event?

A friendly after work gathering of people who love to travel, to discover new horizons and are eager to meet new people who can enrich them. Our special guests will be the Bulgarian Unsettlers who will tell their stories. All about their journeys of growth and discovery, of taking risks and experimenting, of pursuing what matters.

They will tell us what is to live Unsettled, to live more boldly and to seek experiences that challenge you to think differently and grow.

Come and taste the feeling of Unsettled big community and family, from all over the world. Join the conversation about adventures, unknown places, beaches and life changing experience on 31st of January at Cre8 Coworking Hub, at 7pm.

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