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People of CRE8: Luke from the other side of the world

He was one of our first visitors and CRE8 was his Bulgarian during his stay in Sofia. Here it is the blitz interview with Luke from the other side of the world.

Who are you?

Luke Mac, art director from Sydney, Australia.

What are you doing in Sofia?

I’ve been traveling, working studying in Eastern Europe for six months; and Bulgaria is my final destination before I fly south for the winter. In Sofia, I’m spending my days writing for Global Hobo and adding content to my website. By night I am educating myself about Bulgarian food and wine.

Which are the good and the “bad” sides of being a digital nomad?

Digital nomads are cats, not dogs! You’re alone hunter, not a pack animal. This is good and bad: it’s good to be independent, flexible and your own boss; however, it can be lonely and life is better when you have a ‘tribe’ to help you in work and play.

Why would you recommend Cre8 Coworking Hub?

I am more a dog person than a cat person (as you can clearly see on my website!) If you are working abroad or from home, co-working spaces are a way to find your tribe. In addition to the beautiful new space and friendly hostesses, you also have all the important ingredients to productivity: fast wi-fi, central location, coffee machine, a balcony and plenty of natural light.

What do you like in the Bulgarian lifestyle?

Friendly people, low cost of living, easy travel, awesome food and beautiful women – what’s not to like?

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