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SAVE THE DATE: Christmas Events @ Cre8 Coworking Hub

If you are still looking for a different hygge space where you can have a glass of wine with colleagues, customers and partners, stop searching and read this.

Just an ordinary day. On your way to work you turn on the radio and there she is! Céline Dion is now singing Feliz Navidad! You froze for a second. Is that possible? Wasn’t it yesterday when you were drinking mohito on the beach, spending your summer holiday somewhere far away from here? Well…no, it wasn’t yesterday. And then your mind jump on another topic, much hotter than the sunny summer days. What presents should I buy? How am I going to celebrate New Years Eve? Where the Christmas party with the colleagues will take place? We can give you some ideas for the first two questions, but we can help you the most with the third one. Cre8 Coworking Hub is definitely not the biggest party place, but our space is giving you a cozy, stylish and artistic atmosphere to celebrate the final of a good year.  You should know that Cre8ive Christmas Events is your thing If you want to share a good drink with a nice company. We give you our space, full of Christmas vibes and great music, you just have to enjoy the evening!

You have some questions? We were sure about that.

How many people can attend?

It is going to be a cocktail set up, so 50 people would feel perfect at Cre8 Coworking Hub.

How can we book it?

You can book whenever you want until December 21st. Do it quickly because some of the dates are already taken. Cre8tive Christmas Events are taking place between 19.00 and 23.00.

What else can we have beside the space and the music?

Add the missing ingredients without hesitation. Depending on your needs you can request glass of wine, catering or additional technical equipment.

How much does it cost and how can you book?

More info about the price За повече информация относно цената, запазването на пространството и организирането на събитието, пишете на или се обадете на телефон 0888333097.

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