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The times of the freelancers

A new way of working and living unite the new generation of people

In the last, we are witnesses of significant changes in the way people work. More and more people are dropping the chains of the corporate world and becoming self-employed. But why is this becoming so huge trend?

The history of the awakening

A big part of the corporate world still don’t understand the freelancer’s life and labels them like some kind of hippies who just believe in a better tomorrow filled with love and peace. They don’t take them seriously. But think about it, isn’t that what every human being truly desires to be able to manifest an abundance of security, comfort and happiness? Think about it, you wake up every morning go to work and think about your lunch break, then you start waiting for the clock to turn five so you can go home.

Most of the people’s lives is an endless schedule of constantly repeating tasks and dreams of that vacation with which to escape from their mundane lives.

And then something happens and some of us understand that life isn’t an endless roller-coaster. They start to see things differently. Life is more than just going to work and making money.


The born of the new generation

The New Age of community is born to transform the world and to make it a better place of living. All of the people who escape from the corporate world desire to transform their lives into their own personal Utopia. This is a deep desire to manifest spiritual abundance with their reality, to create comfortable stability, connection with themselves and peace of mind. These people moving their dreams into reality. Their mind and spirit are awakened. They want to bring the community into oneness by understanding, compassion and love. This people are the builders of the new way of living and working.


A new way of working

Most of the freelancers choose to embrace their dream job and to be the change in the world, to do their work with deep passion and dedication. Doing what you are passionate about what brings happiness back to your soul. This is the awakening of the spirit. Notice this, where all freelancers want work from? In a peaceful environment, somewhere outside or near to nature. Is not a surprise that the most preferred countries to work from are Indonesia, Malaysia or Thailand. These countries are rich in spiritual and positive energy, that helps creativity and inspire the soul.

Freelancеrs are the ones that are awakened to themselves and their purpose in life. They have a free spirit and can see the world differently. They are the new kind of humans which preaches love, freedom and dedication. They can give the corporate world that inspirational ingredient that can lead not only to success but to change people’s life.

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